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Bail Professionals

Bail Professionals

With 26 years of experience in business, CT Bail Bonds Co is the right choice if you have been arrested and need to make bail immediately. Trust our bail bond agents to be confidential and handle your sensitive data discretely.

Our staff is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese to better serve our clients across the state of Connecticut and are available 24/7 for your convenience. We specialize in posting bail for:

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Bail Bonds Work

When charged with a crime in Connecticut, the court allows the person to post a bail fee to get out of jail while they await trial. The reason behind keeping the person in jail is that they’ll be risking a substantial sum of money if they fail to appear in court during the trial. Without this risk of loss, people would simply not turn up before the court and this defeats the purpose of the legal system.

The bail is often a huge amount of money that many can’t afford; that’s where CT Bail Bonds Co comes in. We’ll post the bond for a fee that’s only a tiny bit of the whole amount.

To help us cover the bail money while you’re awaiting trial, you’ll have to pay us only a portion of the bail fee. You can then return to your normal life instead of waiting in jail.

Once we arrange for your release with the Connecticut courts, you’ll have to show up on the date of the trial. Call our locally owned business at 203-395-8732 for any help on posting a bail bond.

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CT bail bonds can provide assistance and guidance throughout the bail process, 24/7, to help you or your loved one.